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Learn the value of branding in a step-by-step approach. Brand Thinking™ strategy workshops offer a framework, structured guidance, and expert insight for building, managing, and marketing any brand.


  • Define your branding goals and clarify your brands' vision

  • Design a brand message that incorporates your unique value

  • Deliver a brand that reflects how you want to be known

Vision, Mission, Values, Promises, Essence Workshop 

Designed to Lay the Foundation.

The core of the brand is the foundation that we build on. Brand Thinkers should start by thinking about the brand core: vision, mission, values, promises, and essence. These five elements are an excellent way to express whom your brand is for (the client); and how it will be achieved —

In this workshop, we’ll craft brand core statements that shape the content for communications and set the standard for decision making, briefing vendors, and creating brand expressions.

Brand ID

Designed to Create Brand Recognition


Now is the opportunity to think about how to translate your visual and verbal identity. Think of your identity as translating your brand personality into a logo, colors, photos, name, tone of voice. 


In this workshop, we'll explore how to express yourself through words (verbal identity) and visuals (visual identity).

Audience is Everything Workshop

Designed to answer "Who Do I Serve?"

To realize your vision, you will need to understand who your primary and secondary audiences are. Mapping them out will help you to get a clear understanding of how you can strategically serve them.

In this workshop, we’ll brainstorm your audiences based on your brand’s essence, map out the different segments of your audience and what you want them to think and feel about your brand.


Brand Interactions Workshop

A brand is only as strong as the meaningful ways in which you bring it to life. Interactions with your audience will discover whether you walk the walk or talk the talk.

How does your inner core express itself in experiences that build your brand with your audience?



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